Dental emergencies happen at the most inopportune time; weekends, after hours, on a holiday, or even when you are visiting from out of town.   At Lone Star Dental Emergency Care, we can see you now!  We accept PPO, Traditional and Indemnity Insurances. Our team of specialists, and state of the art facility is equipped to conveniently diagnose, and treat your dental inconvenience.  We can help if you experience sports injuries, toothaches, broken teeth, and swellings, to name a few.  After treatment, we can refer you to a trusted dentist, in your area, who will complete your comprehensive care.

If you have a dentist, but they are unable visit with you immediately, we will get you comfortable, and find an affordable solution, until your dentist has availablity.  Following your visit, we will provide he or she a detailed report of our diagnosis and your treatment.  Here, your urgency meets excellence, and cooperative solutions speak calm resolve.  You can friend us on facebook.    Or simply call our office at 713.492.0995 for an appointment.  When need arises, give us a ring and- we can see you now!






Lone Star is here to respond to your Dental emergency. It can happen at any time. Call us if you or someone in your family experience dental problems on the weekend, after hours, on a holiday, or if you are visiting from out of town. We can help if you experience sports injuries, trauma, toothaches, broken teeth, lost crowns, chipped teeth etc.

Office Hours

Monday -Friday SaturdayHolidays
8:00 am - 5:00 pm 10:00 am - 2:00 pm Scheduled in advance
Exteneded times and days coming in Spring 2013
Walk-ins welcome, no appointment required during the above stated hours

Lone Star Services

  1. Emergency exam
  2. Bondings
  3. Xrays
  4. Oral Surgery
  5. Recementing crowns and bridges
  6. Root Canals